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You can expect these and more when you partner with Minuteman Press for your design, printing and marketing needs.

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  • Use Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) services to promote your small business in your local community. If you're having a sale, opening a new location, or offering coupons, EDDM can help you send postcards, menus, and flyers to the right customers.

  • Your business card is a direct reflection of your company. Don't settle for plain paper and dull designs when we can create cards that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Flyers are the perfect way to grab attention and promote your brand, especially when created and produced by our professional staff.

  • Think of us as your marketing partner. We'll help you produce and distribute a brochure that promotes your product, reinforces your brand and boosts sales.

  • A simple postcard could be your next big marketing piece. Let us help you create one that gets noticed, read and remembered.

  • Whether you have your own concept and design or you need assistance getting started, our team will create direct mail pieces that get results.

  • Choose the gift that keeps on selling. Selecting the right product from our extensive list of promotional products can provide a great return on your investment.

  • Producing a catalog, journal or newsletter is never an easy task, but with guidance from Minuteman Press, you'll end up with a product that you are proud to distribute.

  • A professionally designed and printed menu can be one of the most cost effective and potentially profitable investments that a restaurant can make. Let us help you with yours.

Welcome to Minuteman Press Bellevue!

Minuteman Press of Bellevue provides high quality printing services to large and small businesses in the Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Renton, Sammamish, and Seattle areas.  Digital technology has brought about many changes to the printing industry and as a result we have competitive prices, faster production times and many new services to offer.  Our direction is to provide better value to our customers with friendly and efficient service and quality products.

Doing business locally is a benefit to us who live and shop here, it is also vital to the future of our local economy.  Our customers can make one phone call to one local company and get all of their printing, copying, mailing and promotional products.

Graphic Services:  Minuteman Press of Bellevue hosts the latest in digital technology  to achieve accurate and consistent color output.  Our highly skilled graphics department is ready to help create your next brochure, business card or direct mail project.

Bindery:  Our bindery specialist takes your printed documents and carries them to their final form.  Whether cutting, folding or binding speed and service is what we're all about.

Mailing Services:  We print a variety of products that are used for direct mail.  We have a large variety of envelope sizes and colors.  We print postcards, flyers, letters, self-mailers, business reply cards or anything else that you need to put into the mail.  We complete the project by either using your mailing list or procuring a mailing list using your specifications and addressing the printed pieces plus applying barcodes and sorting for postal discounts.

To place an order for printing or promotional products click Customer Service to get started. Visit our Products & Services area for a list of some of our print and binder services. For answers to common printing questions, go to the Resources section. To learn more about us, visit Our Team.

For advice on how to prepare and/or submit your files for printing, or questions in general about your next printing project, give us a call at 425-558-1862 or email us by clicking here


Why Next Year’s Marketing Strategy Planning Starts Now

The early bird gets the worm, as does the marketer get the success that plans ahead. While it seems like 2022 is a distant dream, it’s actually coming sooner than you think. We’re talking a mere three months until the New Year comes bursting through the door. Luckily, with some proper planning, you’ll be ready to take on the marketing world in 2022. Why should you begin planning your strategy so early? We’re glad you asked. Check out these reasons to stop delaying and start planning today.


You Have the Data

If you’ve been tracking your campaigns like the amazing marketer that you are, you have loads of data from the past year. However, if you’ve been slacking on truly analyzing the data to determine which marketing campaigns were a success from the past year, starting now gives you the proper time to assess what worked well. Funnel your efforts into your most successful strategies and techniques for an even more fruitful 2022. 


Everything Takes Longer Than Expected

Let’s be real. If you put the meeting on your calendar to discuss your marketing plans this week, it may happen within the month. Or maybe you’re more punctual than the rest of us! Either way, at least getting the idea of planning your marketing tactics now will get your team thinking about new and creative ways to refresh in the new year. Even if you can’t meet to discuss your strategies at the moment, bring it up in your next team meeting so that the seed is planted. Then, watch the ideas grow!


You’ll Need to Review and Make Revisions

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your yearly marketing plan. You’ll need to run it up the chain, ensure you have the budget for all of the amazing ideas you want to produce (like killer signage or a direct mail piece!) and so much more. Ensuring that you start today means you’ll leave enough time for revisions and review instead of scrambling at the last minute. 


You Have Time to Research

You know what worked well for you and what didn’t do so great within the past year. However, have you considered the trends you didn’t have time to try? By starting your marketing planning early, you have time to research what some of your competitors have been doing and what the hottest trends are in the marketing industry. Make sure to look at both overarching trends, as well as those that worked well for your specific industry. For example, brands jumping onto Tik Tok was a huge marketing trend of 2021, but maybe your audience isn’t necessarily using the social media platform. Find what works well for your organization.


You Can Seek Outside Opinions

There’s a little bit of bias that goes on when you’re too close to a project. Or in this case, when you’re too close to a marketing plan. Consider reaching out to an outside party to review your plans and point out the strengths and weaknesses. While it’s hard to put your feelings aside when you’ve worked so hard to make them happen, it’s important to open up your mind to what an outsider may be able to see that you couldn’t because you were so close to the project. Since you’re starting early, seek the help of others.

Now is the time to decide what you’re ready to try or continue with in 2022. While you can’t predict everything that will happen, (like, say… a global pandemic?) you can be as prepared as possible by planning ahead. Figure out where your marketing budget will be best spent, and focus on new and innovative ideas you haven’t yet tried. You’re sure to set your team up for marketing success in the new year.